UK International Radio Drama Festival

The UK International Radio Drama was founded and is produced by International Arts Partnership.

It is unique in the UK in bringing radio drama in many languages to a UK audience and unique in Europe in being an outward facing festival, focusing on a local and general audience as much as on a professional audience.

Each year, we invite producers from across the world to submit their best radio drama which in some way has a link to live theatre.

Then over a week at the end of February in the iconic British holiday resort of Herne Bay, Kent (until 2018) and in Canterbury (2019), we listen to them. A jury made up of professionals and audience members makes awards and the wider audience also votes online for its favourite work.

Alongside the festival, we run an outreach programme, giving an opportunity to young people, vulnerable adults and those with a deeper interest in the creative process, an opportunity to make their own work and showcase it to the town. 

In 2018, we introduced a special children’s radio drama festival – a global first.   

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