Radio Drama For People With Dementia

In 2016, we took the UK International Radio Drama Festival into care homes in Herne Bay. 

We found that residents with dementia enjoyed the experience just as much as others. They talked about listening to plays on the wireless with their families when they were children. They very much enjoyed a play set during the second world war, remembering the songs and talking about the places mentioned in the drama.

Listening to this audience talking, we realised that radio drama is a particularly appropriate art form for them. It can be enjoyed anywhere at any time; there is no need to travel or to experience unfamiliar locations; it can be shared or - equally importantly - not shared. It can transport the listener to any period and any geographical location. We also realised that we could greatly enhance this audience's enjoyment with a few simple adjustments.

We are currently working on developing a piece for this audience, working in collaboration with the audience to ensure that it reflects their needs and interests and provides them with an opportunity to access brilliant art.  We intend to showcase the work at the UK International Radio Drama Festival.     

Recording of “All of these things” by Stella Feehily