Welcome to International Arts Partnership; producing and promoting the most exciting work born out of collaboration across boundaries. We love working across borders, across languages, and across art forms.

As artists and producers, we have spent the last twenty years creating and participating in partnerships with stunning and often unforeseen results.

We are always open to new ideas and new approaches. We are happy to share our contact numbers and individual email addresses on this site. Feel free to explore it and enjoy.


— Mail on Sunday

Exceptional presentation of timeless classics – period settings, with a modern voice.

— BBC Radio 4

One of the most rewarding and continually enjoyable theatrical experiences I’ve had for ages.

— Sunday Telegraph

Resourceful staging, strong acting… the playing is delightful.

— The Times

Daring visual textures… production values at their best.

— Time Out

This is an outstanding production…Moving Theatres Artistic Director, Jonathan Banatvala must be congratulated.

— Farnham Herald

That’s nine strong performers, with eight great musicians and the devastating impression of a parrot.

— BBC Radio

Slick, fast and very funny!

— Worthing Herald

… hilarious two hour of sexual energy cascading from another time and place into this one. Effortlessly.

— City Limits

In short… two tours de focre from Moving Theatre. Please come back soon.

— Somerset County Times